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About Ramaneeya ...


Ramaneeya is a personal and non-commercial site that I first put together for myself when I was in school. Very soon I thought folks like me would benefit from it if I hosted it on a webserver and rest is history. Ramaneeya has been visited by millions and millions of people so far in the telugu internet world. Our team (basically my family and friends) has always enjoyed putting together some priceless songs from the telugu celluloid domain and presenting them to our ramaneeya visitors. Everyday, a few people from all across the globe send me an email to say how much they love ramaneeya and how much happy they feel after visiting the ramaneeya site.. We take pride in "all the effort and time that we spent in collecting the CDs/cassettes, developing the website and the very idea of keeping ramaneeya plain and simple." And all our efforts are dedicated to my parents and all the parents who devote their entire lives for us children.

If you have comments or suggestions, please send email to Venkat Lukka at webmaster@ramaneeya.com